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Tahitian Noni Juice – Quality

Tahitian Noni Juice, was the first noni juice to be sold on the market. Now it is known and purchased around the world. Although other companies have seen its success, Tahitian Noni Juice still leads in superior quality and each step of the production from harvesting the fruit to the bottle is handled in house to guarantee it. Practicing environmentally sound principles, Morinda (Tahitian Noni International) harvesters do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. In fact 60 to 70 % of the noni fruit used in Tahitian Noni Juice and the other TruAge products is wild-harvested. The trees harvest year round and whatever isn’t used eventually drops to the ground, rots and becomes food for the soil which enriches the trees. This in itself increases the quality of the fruit.

The seeds within the noni fruit have also been found to have excellent properties and are processed into oil. Thousands of seeds are processed to make one ounce of noni seed oil and can be purchased as pure oil for skin and hair or within the Tahitian Noni skin care products.

A small amount of grape and blueberry concentrate are added to Tahitian Noni Juice to enhance its taste. Synergistically, the combination of the noni, blueberry and grape increases the amount of antioxidants in the juice, which are known to block the effects of harmful free radicals.

Among the many benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice is the ability to help cells absorb nutrients, assist hormones that coordinate bodily function, supports the immune system and increases energy. Everyone has their own personal story of what they’ve seen Tahitian Noni Juice do for them.

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